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Firing up your
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We are passionate about offering all of our people the chance to grow and develop and we believe that at De Vere there is an opportunity for everyone to achieve this through the wide range of apprenticeship programmes we offer.

Apprenticeships support development at all levels. From programmes to help you on the first steps of your career, right the way through to degree apprenticeships that could be an alternative to going to University. If college or university is not for you, rest assured there will be an apprenticeship that is right for you. Most importantly, an apprenticeship is designed around the actual job that you are doing so from the first day, you are developing skills that will help you get ready for the next step in your career!

For example, someone stepping up to become a supervisor for the first time may choose to do a Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor apprenticeship. Not only will this allow them to develop the general knowledge and skills as a supervisor, the programme they do will also specialise in the field they work in such as housekeeping, bars or reception.

We know that completing and achieving an apprenticeship qualification takes dedication, hard work and a lot of personal motivation. At De Vere we are passionate about celebrating and sharing success, so when our colleagues complete an apprenticeship we think it's only right that all the hard work is recognised and rewarded so we offer:

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I really enjoy learning new things about our business and broadening my knowledge of customer service in the hospitality sector.

It has helped me gain confidence on my delivery of customer service and I have learnt more about internal procedures that I can use to support my team and improve our overall customer service to guests.

My advice to anyone contemplating an apprenticeship, absolutely do it. You have nothing to lose but, perhaps a lot to gain.


I’ve been working at De Vere Wokefield Estate for 14 years and I truly enjoy my job.

Last year I heard that some of my work colleagues were about to start an apprenticeship. I was highly interested and decided to find out more information about benefits and opportunities by joining apprenticeships, and I thought: why not try?

I’m studying Hospitality Supervisor Level 3 and the reason I chose this level is to expand my knowledge about the hotel industry and gain confidence.

I enjoy the online workshops where I can meet other people, talk to them, ask questions and learning new skills from my trainer.